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The Memorable Memories

Previous:  I Went To Theological College   I will be never forgotten the memorable memories during the school days at Nha Trang Biblical Institute. During my four years of study at Nha Trang Biblical Institute, I received a scholarship from Rev. Thomas Stebbins. He was a missionary of the American ...

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Dwight L. Moody was 19th-century American evangelist. He ministered to troops during the Civil War, then after the war, he started a church and continued to host revival meetings. He wrote several works and founded the Chicago Bible Institute, which was later renamed the Moody Bible Institute in his honor. ...

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The war ended. Hoài went back to the countryside and helped his wife’s family with its rice fields, trying to pass the time for the remainder of what he felt was a meaningless life. The final legacy of a soldier whose side had lost the war was just two empty ...

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I Became An Interpreter

Previous:  I began to learn English at a Secondary School in Da Nang. In 1965, my family moved from the Ky Phu to Danang City to avoid the bombs. At that time the US Army had come to Danang. US military bases were set up in this city. The roads ...

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My Boyhood In Vietnam

Previous: My Boyhood In Vietnam. My village was called Ky Phu. It means wealthy and wonderful, but actually, there wasn’t any significant natural resource here. My village is really a poor countryside however it has got a very beautiful scenery with Truong Giang River flowing quietly through white sand. There were a ...

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Thousands and thousands of years ago, the night didn’t yet exist and the stars in the sky were not yet as numerous as sand in the sea. Father was not of the day or the night, nor of time. Father did not have a beginning because He is the beginning. ...

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Genesis 15:6 INTRODUCTION 1. One of the greatest men in history has to be the patriarch, Abraham… a. Three religions look to him as their spiritual progenitor (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) b. Christians view him as “the father of all them that believe” – Ro 4:11 2. What is most noteworthy ...

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MY SAVIOR  MY HOUSEHOLD FOLLOWS GOD My grandparents are the first Protestants in Vietnam. They had decided to follow God. Then, my relatives changed mind. Praise the Lord! I think that if my parents and grandparents did not follow God, I wouldn’t sure that I have acknowledged and served Him ...

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