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Six Strides Toward Forgiveness

Imagine standing right next to a hurdle on a race track. You can’t jump a hurdle from a standing start. You have to take a run at it. Often we get focused on one sin, one problem, one issue that we want to overcome. How do I get over my ...

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God Will Not Be Used

 Most people know when they are being used. It’s obvious. A friend likes the perks of being around you because you can afford to pay. A family member emotionally manipulates you to get their way. A coworker sticks close because you do the better work. We dislike being used. It ...

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How Do You Know If You Are Walking by the Spirit?

Walk by the Spirit, Paul tells the believers in Galatians 5:16. Sure. Easier said than done. How do I know when my actions are Spirit-driven and when they are not? We human beings are quite capable of convincing ourselves that we’re living by the Spirit when we’re not even close to doing so. ...

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5 Bible Verses To Share With Cancer Patients

Here are five Bible verses that you can share with cancer patients. Psalm 41:2 “The LORD protects him and keeps him alive; he is called blessed in the land; you do not give him up to the will of his enemies.” The psalmist knew that it was God alone Who ...

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7 Prayers for Employment or Work

In the United States today, so many people are unemployed.  Some are fearful of being laid off.  Others wonder about promotions.  Many are looking for better jobs.  There are a number of issues facing our country today regarding employment.  Here are 7 prayers that you can pray about specific needs ...

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THE RELIGION OF ISLAM A Comparison Of Islam And Christianity INTRODUCTION 1. In previous studies, we have directed our focus on Islam… a. The beginnings and early history of Islam b. The origin, importance and content of the Qur’an c. The faith and practices of Islam d. The issue as ...

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INTRODUCTION 1. What is faith? What does it mean to believe…? a. Some Christians think it means blind acceptance: “You’ve just got to believe.” b. Some skeptics agree: “Faith is believing in something without good reasons to do so.” – Steven Pinker, evolutionary psychologist who opposed mandatory religion classes at ...

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