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Jesus, The Way To God

"JESUS, THE WAY" Jesus, The Way To God INTRODUCTION 1. In the last lesson, we saw that by His death on the cross, Jesus made possible the forgiveness of our sins 2. When our sins are forgiven, we are no longer the objects of God's wrath - Ro 5:9 3. ...

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Castes have their respective norms that govern every aspect of people’s lives. The “Brahmin” caste is the superior one. There are thousands of sub-castes but all correspond to one of the four large castes. “Brahmin” (the superior, priestly caste) “Kshatriya” (the second in holiness – warrior caste), “Vaisya” (the third, ...

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FIFTH MISUNDERSTOOD WORD: “HOLINESS” Hindus have a perverted of holiness. For them, spirituality is an emptiness: the absence of everything material and every human desire. What is spiritual is good, but the physical is evil. They hope to escape from what is physical, not through the sacrifice of Christ, but ...

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Why Doesn’t God Answer Me?

  If you are struggling with feelings of doubt and disappointment with God, Psalm 77 has something to say to you. The psalmist Asaph was moved from near despair to a deep confirmation of faith simply by changing his perspective. God designed prayer as an instrument to create intimacy between ...

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WORDS WITH DIFFERENT MEANINGS Be careful with words for which Hindus have another meaning. They understand something that we do not intend when we say “God”, “sin”, “holiness”, etc.. Satan has given them false meanings to these words: FIRST MISUNDERSTOOD WORD: “GOD”   For many Hindus, God is an unending ...

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Why pray? Written by Jim Denison A friend sent me this essay.  It quickly hit home with me—see if it does with you. Satan called a worldwide convention.  In his opening address to his demons, he said, “We can’t keep the Christians from going to church.  We can’t keep them ...

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