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My grandparents are the first Protestants in Vietnam. They had decided to follow God. Then, my relatives changed mind. Praise the Lord! I think that if my parents and grandparents did not follow God, I wouldn’t sure that I have acknowledged and served Him now. There were not a lot of believers in my homeland at that time. Nevertheless, the power of the gospel has actually happened because of the faith and love of those who strongly believe in God.
Holy Bible is really the most important contribution which the Vietnam Evangelical Church to leave for generations. Missionary Cadman and writer Phan Khoi translated the Holy Bible into Vietnamese. It was published in 1922. This translation has still been vivid. It has been loved and enjoyed. Although there are a lot of new translations now, but most people still enjoy it. It is as popular as King James Version in English.

Vietnam Evangelical Church has also made other changes that affected many families. The first believers are taught, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers”, so the marriage only applies to faithful believers inside the church. The pastor is usually a matchmaker for the youth. The Annual Conferences and the youth activities of the church opened the opportunities for young people fellowship. It is also the first step for love.

My parents got married through a pastor connecting. My mother grew up and lived in Danang City while my father was in Ky Phu Commune, Tam Ky District, Quang Nam Province. How did they love each other and take in marriage If the pastor had not connected? At that time, the traditional culture where my parents living was still very strong. It kept everybody not to go away. My maternal family has got two boys and seven girls. All of them got married to the godly. Then, there were among of them twelve pastors serving the Lord in Vietnam and The United States. The Vietnam Evangelical Churches often keep believers under strict discipline. Those who allow their children to get married the gentile will be threatened with excommunication. This punishment usually lasts only six months but causes difficulties for the insiders. The weekly meetings are promoted very much. Going to church often is considered a good point to faithful Christians. I remember my family went to church in Tam Ky Town for the first time. It is about seven or eight kilometers from my house to there. Everybody had to get up early, walk for many hours to come on time for the Sunday Service. After finishing Service, everybody went home on foot. That is a whole day! All of us did feel so happy. Nobody complained. After that, my village had got more believers, so the local church was established! We didn’t go to Tam Ky anymore. We happily sang hymns, prayed, read the Bible in the local church. We also memorized many selective Biblical passages, verses to share faith, hope, and love in Christ with the others.
Faith has made a strong influence on action and the lifestyle of those who truly believe in God.

Pastor Hue Nguyen

Translated by Tuong Vi


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