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5 Helpful Tips On How To Choose Your Church

Church is an important element of Christian life. Aside from the benefits of the physical structure of the church, which provides believers with a place to come together and worship, the spiritual nature enables and embodies Christian’s coming together and worshipping God in his presence. With this in mind, making the right decision to attend a specific church is key in fostering the commitment that we have to that church.

Whether you’re a new Christian or are moving churches for whatever reason, here are some tips that you might find useful when it comes to choosing your church.

Remember that location is key – If your church is a far distance from where you live or spend most of your time, then consider how likely it is that you will make it on a regular basis. A long commute to the church of your choice can have a negative impact on your ability to get involved in the community and participate in church-related activities.

Keep in mind that there’s no perfect church – Sometimes we can make the mistake of approaching the search for a new church in the same way that we do for a house or a housemate, if there’s one thing that we don’t like or a certain feature missing, we disregard it completely. This isn’t to say that every church is right for everyone but there is likely to always be some things that you’ll want to add. And if this is the case, what a great opportunity to contribute something to your new church.

Think about what can you contribute – As mentioned above, it’s easy to fall into the habit of staying focused on what you can get out of a church. But it is also really important to consider what you can give. Discovering the ways in which you can contribute will help integrate you into the church more and connect with fellow church goers.

Know the church’s doctrine – Making sure that your Christian beliefs are compatible with the church’s doctrine is definitely something to seriously consider. If you’re already a member of a particular denomination or you know which denomination you want to become a member of, then this will usually be rather straightforward. However, don’t just take the church’s word for it…

Go more than once – First impressions can be lasting but they’re not always accurate. One visit to a church isn’t going to give you enough of an opportunity to figure out whether it’s the one for you or not so attending a few times is a good way to develop a more informed opinion and experience.

There can often be what may seem like a long list of things to consider when it comes to choosing a church, but the tips above are a good place to start. You can make your own “checklist” more personal but it’s worth bearing in mind that no church is perfect and you have the capacity to put your talents to use in cases where a potential church doesn’t tick all the boxes.   

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