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INTRODUCTION 1. The Old Testament provides valuable lessons for the Christian – 1Co 10:11 2. One such lesson is the importance of “Making Wise Choices” in our lives… a. Lot made a choice as to where to live, and as a result, he experienced: 1) War and kidnapping – Gen ...

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INTRODUCTION 1. “Are you the pastor?” is a question that I am frequently asked… a. When people visit our services b. When someone calls the church building — A similar question when people learn that I preach: “What church do you pastor?” 2. The questions are well-intentioned, but misinformed… a. ...

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"REJOICE ALWAYS!" 1 Thessalonians 5:16 INTRODUCTION 1. In 1Th 5:16, we have a command which is just as binding upon Christians as any you can find in the Word of God: "Rejoice always" 2. It has been my observation that many Christians fall far short in carrying out this command ...

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SAME-SEX MARRIAGE INTRODUCTION 1. Same-sex marriage will probably be a controversial issue for some time to come… a. Precipitated by state justices in Massachusetts and the mayor in San Francisco b. Likely to be an issue in many political campaigns 2. Churches and Christians everywhere will be confronted by this ...

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Study Bible Through Grammar


Các bạn đọc thân mến, Mục  “Study Bible Through Grammar” kỳ này chúng ta sẽ nghiên cứu 3 từ: Test; Try; Examine; được dùng trong kinh Thánh rất nhiều lần. Theo từ điển  Đồng nghĩa Phản nghĩa Anh – Việt thì To Try có 3 nghĩa: 1/ Attempt: cố gắng. ...

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INTRODUCTION 1. Movies depicting the death of Christ are often controversial… a. Especially “The Passion” produced by Mel Gibson b. Even “The Gospel Of John” has been criticized in this regard 2. The controversy is over the involvement of the Jews in the crucifixion… a. Many have used their involvement ...

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Later You Will Understand


A writing memoir looks like telling a story. But it is difficult to talk about oneself! How to tell honestly what you did experience is not easy. I have read a lot of memoirs but rarely their honest truth are! But Pastor Nguyen Van Hue‘s memoir is different from the ...

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